Warrior Botanicals Trio Serum Set 10ml x 3


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A 10ml size amber bottle with dropper top of each of our serums in a hand stamped organic cotton bag to carry them with you and keep them safe.

Sunshine ~ for all skin types

A light and enlivening moisturiser with a skin-enriching blend of plant oils that have been infused using the traditional folk method over two moon cycles with sustainably wildcrafted yarrow, elderflower, tulsi, calendula, oxeye daisy and dandelion flowers. Use daily for a vibrant, supple and glowing complexion and protection throughout the day.

Moonlight ~ for all skin types, especially dry

A carefully chosen blend of nourishing + regenerative oils that have been botanically infused using the traditional folk method over two moon cycles, with honeysuckle, lemon balm, comfrey + marshmallow combined with precious immortelle and jasmine essential oils to create a deeply regenerative moisturiser that will soothe your skin to sleep.

Titania ~ for all skin types, especially sensitive

Harmoniously blended plant oils infused with botanicals of hawthorn blossom, rose, pink yarrow, chickweed, chamomile, marshmallow root, hibiscus, honeysuckle, comfrey, lemon balm + marshmallow for two moon cycles, Titania is a gentle and soothing moisturiser suitable for all skin types with a delicate scent of rose.


The healing properties of oils have long been used in body and skin care, carrying botanical benefits that nourish, soothe and care for us deeply. To use our facial oils apply 4 – 10 drops, depending on your skin type and the season, to clean and damp skin. Facial oils are best applied after cleansing or washing your face. A small amount is needed for all day protection.

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