Top Secret 20XX – BEST SELLER!!!


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For the hardcore tanners only, Sunlicious Top Secret 20XX Dark Tanning Lotion is a powerful method of ultra-dark tanning. The high potency means that going from zero to dark doesn’t take very long at all. Induced with generous amounts of moisturizers, your skin will be bountifully hydrated and softened whilst the tanning process is taking place. Fragranced with Vanilla, your aroma will be as good as you now look. Sunlicious Top Secret 20XX Dark Tanning Lotion uses a particularly effective formula which has a lavish blend of ingredients. It has a mix of dark tanning accelerators which deliver faster and longer lasting colour. The elegant silicones increase the nutrients uptake and saturate the skin for glowing results, this is combined with the copper peptides which replenish lost nutrients. All these ingredients are amalgamated to give professional results.

For the best results when using Sunlicious Top Secret 20XX Dark Tanning Lotion, apply evenly over skin.


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